What is Eco tourism?


Ecotourism is all about traveling, admiring and appreciating nature. It is a part of environmental conservation which involves understanding the needs of the locals in order to improve their lifestyle. Ecotourism also helps to study the history of nearby cities and preserve historical landmarks.

Importance of Ecotourism

Ecotourism helps us to connect with cultures and lifestyles of others that leave a positive feeling.

1. Value –Ecotourism brings a lot of value where a tourist can learn and benefit by traveling. This way it helps the planet and allows people to live a happy life. Local communities also benefit from tourists visiting their land.

2. Promotes Economic Stability –There are plenty of commercial tourist attractions in few specific areas. These are great because it attracts many tourists. But a visit to local attractions offers even better experience and the fund generated by tourist operators can help the local communities.

3. Rainforest – There are a lot of rainforest destinations that provide a unique experience to all. Rainforest locations also provide luxury accommodations to tourists making it a grand experience.

4. Becoming Sensitive – Many times we do not consider the effects caused on our planet while traveling. Popular destinations make a lot of money but ignore the consequences caused to plants and animals. While less popular destination does not have enough funding to promote themselves and attract tourists. That’s why we must always consider visiting unpopular places to generate public awareness to others.

If you wish, you can always take a tour for a rainforest retreat in north QLD or other similar parts. It willbe educational and you’ll definitely learnsomething more.