Outdoor Activities At A Fitness Camp

Courtesy: Sports 4 All

Joining a fitness camp can be a great idea to stay in shape. One even gets a chance to interact with people sharing the same fitness goals and improve together. Below is a list of outdoor activities one can do at a fitness camp.

1. Hustle and Throw

It is a throwing game you can play with a partner. You are given a tennis ball, which you are requires throwing the tennis ball at each another in a leap-frog manner while you race towards the 100 yard finish line. The person with the ball will be doing cardio or reps and when he throws the ball to the other one he is required to do them as well. This is a fun game that can be used for warm up as it alleviates the heart rate and improves hand and eye coordination.

2. Squat tag

You can also play the normal game of freeze tags but with some interesting additions. A player may only be allowed to unfreeze themselves by doing a certain number of squats.  You can even change the exercise considering what is best for the players.

3. Cone Scramble

This game can be played for both small and large groups, and is quite interesting. There will be cones placed all over the place and players will have to scramble to a set of cones and do a number of exercises at each. If some other player is already at one cone, the others have to wait and do an isometric exercise meanwhile.

Therefore, try out these outdoor activities when you go to your Thailand Fitness Retreat.