First Drive — 2017 Nissan Rogue

Nissan introduced the secondgeneration Rogue Crossover in 2014, replacing a version that had done well in the market as the first SUV that is carbased of the company. It never put anyone’s hearts ablaze, thanks to dowdy styling and an interior with materials from the individuals who make party cups even though the firstgen Rogue was popular.
That changed for 2014, when the stage was hit by a Nissan SUV that was more expressive and started selling. In reaction to the Rogue’s newfound competitiveness (and also the introduction of the beautiful Mazda CX5), the recognized compactSUV players redesigned or refreshed their offerings in an effort to keep their hold on the section.
That puts the Rogue in something of a situation, going to one of the designs in its market in only two model years from among the latest. On holding competition off, keen, Nissan gave its breadandbutter SUV a refresh for the 2017 model year , bringing styling that is attractive, a interior, and a hybrid option for the ride.
The upgrades to the Rogue’s exterior, Foremost allow it to be a SUV. Nissan’s VMotion new daytime running lamps and a sculpted hood for a cohesive appearance combine. The tacky taillamps of this prefacelift replaced with darkred lenses by lights. Adjustments were made by Nissan to the Rogue third in the manner of an excess strip of panels, a rear bumper with picture that was skidplate, and a more sculpted front bumper. It’s one which we think, an excellent new look rivals the segmentbest Mazda CX5.
We wanted to know to that end, and the Rogue in comparison to its competition invited us to spend the day at a Rogue SL. This Rogue included leather seats with newtoRogue wheels stitching, and a long list of features that would embarrass some luxury cars. On our automobile (and looking for the first time in the Rogue) were adaptive cruise control, lane departure prevention, and forwards emergency braking.
Immediately upon setting out along the twolane byways of Georgia, the efforts of Nissan are apparent. With only tire noise intrusion and a few powertrain droning at full throttle the 2017 Rogue provides a surroundings at freeway speeds. It’s soundabsorbing materials from the dashboard and fenderwells tolerances with weather seals, and a significant improvement over the 2016 Rogue, accomplished via door glass and insulation. Check out uws truck box to learn more about truck tool box topper.
The environment enabled us to appreciate the efforts Nissan made to upgrade the Rogue’s inside, headlined by the steering wheel. The thick rim and thumb rests of the wheel felt great and center section and the wheel bottom give one, a sporty look to the Rogue’s tiller. Updated materials include upholstery for each level, new accents, and a passengerside dash cover layout.
Nissan did not abandon the Rogue’s cargo flexibility, offering a Divide ‘N Hide freight management system which may be configured conceal, protected, or to separate cargo needed. We used the system when the Rogue was parked to make a space.