Can Dust Mites Live in Memory Foam?

Being a clean freak can be annoying for those around you, but it can be annoying even to yourself if you happen to be one. Let's face it, you can clean until your head falls off and there will still be something you miss! Take your bed for example. Unless you want to vacuum and disinfect your mattress on a daily basis, there is no way you will ever keep it completely free of body debris and dust mites!

Being overly sensitive about things not being clean enough is no joking matter for those that deal with it everyday. You just don't get any peace unless you feel like everything that possibly can be is dirt and germ free. Dust mites on or in your mattress can be a very unsettling thing when you lie down to go to sleep at night. One way to help combat dust mites could be to use a memory foam mattress instead of one made from cotton.

A lot of people that want to be as clean as possible are turning to memory foam because it is a more solid surface than cotton mattresses. They are certainly more comfortable than the older mattress styles according to most people that own them. You can find more information concerning memory foam mattresses and dust mites at It's where I looked and I feel much better about my bed at night now!